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Bann Seng Tan

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Ashoka University

Ph.D. City University New York (CUNY), Graduate Center

Bann Seng Tan is assistant professor of international relations and political science.

He is an associate editor at the Asia Europe Journal: Studies on Common Policy Challenges.

Bann Seng was previously assistant professor of international relations at Bogazici University. He also taught at the College of William & Mary, Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY), and Hunter College, CUNY.

Bann Seng’s primary research interests include the causes and effects of democratisation. His current research focus is on the effective use of foreign aid in democracy promotion. A secondary focus is also on authoritarian reactions to disaster aid.

Bann Seng is the author of Aid and Democracy Promotion: Liberalization at the Margins, published in 2020. Review and Interviews about the book is available here.

He received a PhD from the City University New York, Graduate Centre.

  • Democratic Peace
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • International Conflict Analysis
  • Regime Type and War, Democratization and Foreign Aid 

Cause and Effects of Democratisation, Authoritarian Reactions to Disaster Aid, Effective Use of Foreign Aid, Democratic Peace. 

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  3. Bann Seng Tan. (2013) “Regime Change and Conflict Recidivism within Rivalry: Interludes in Disputes” Swiss Political Science Review 19(2): 189-211.
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