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Sourav Chatterjee

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ashoka University

Ph.D. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, India

Sourav obtained his doctoral degree in 2017 from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Kolkata, India. During his doctoral tenure, he worked on developing phosphoric acid-based chiral organocatalysts, where his work centered on elucidating novel reaction methodologies to induce point chirality and axial chirality in molecular systems anchored in indole and pyrrole frameworks.

After his Ph.D., Sourav had opportunities to pursue postdoctoral research experience at (1) Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India, (2) The Scripps Research Institute, Florida, USA and (3) University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. These postdoctoral trainings propelled his expertise in bridging the realms of chemistry and biology, with a specific focus on elucidating disease-associated biological conundrums through advanced chemical approaches. His research endeavors encompassed the development of synthetic and natural product-based semisynthetic small molecule modulators aimed at regulating intricate protein post-translational modifications, specifically protein methylation, acylation, glycosylation, and protein hydroxylation.

Sourav’s current research interests lie in both chemistry and chemical biology/medicinal chemistry. His lab’s primary focus in chemistry would be to develop new reaction methodologies, designing optically pure catalysts and ligands, and use of sustainable enzymes to investigate stereoselective reaction outcomes. At the interface of chemistry and biology, his research interest will focus on crafting chemical biology tools through the scalpel of small molecule modulators that can regulate the activity and function of epigenetic enzymes relating to chromatin modifications.

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    # Equal contribution.
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    # Equal contribution.
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  • Methods, compositions, and reagents for preparing compounds. Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran, and Sourav Chatterjee. US Patent, 2023 (Application Number 17/976,580).
  • Small molecule tethers for selective targeting of metalloenzymes. Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran, Leonardo Rander Asse Jr., and Sourav Chatterjee. US Provisional Patent 2022 (Application Number 63235610).
  • Small molecule modulator targeting a rare histone modification, regulating adipogenesis and pharmaceutical formulation thereof. Tapas K Kundu, Aditya Bhattacharya, Sourav Chatterjee. Indian Provisional Patent 2021 (Application Number 050515).
  • 3-Indolyl furanoids as inhibitors of matrix metalloprotease-9 for prevention of gastric ulcer and other inflammatory diseases. Parasuraman Jaisankar, Snehasikta Swarnakar, Sourav Chatterjee, Sugreev Verma, Madhumita Mandal, Susri Ray Chaudhuri. US Patent 2018 (Application Number 15897688).
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