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Ashoka faculty Bann-Seng Tan awarded prestigious grant

Prof. Bann Seng Tan, who teaches international relations and political science at Ashoka University, has been awarded a research grant from the Centennial Center of American Political Science Association (APSA).

The 2022 Spring Centennial Center Research Grants, worth 2500 USD, is to support his research project, “The Logic of Authoritarian Reactions to Natural Disasters.” The grant duration is from June 2022 to December 2023.

“My project studies the reaction of autocratic recipients toward offers of foreign aid relief in the aftermath of natural disasters. While natural disasters occur randomly, the reactions of states in their aftermath are distinctively political. I articulate a theory governing such political reactions. I argue authoritarian recipients choose their reaction toward foreign relief strategically. They may facilitate, obstruct or divert foreign relief. Their choice depends on the political relevance of the disaster victims and the need of the regime for performance legitimacy. To test the theory, I am building an original dataset containing data on natural disasters, foreign aid, and regime characteristics. A primary outcome of this project, therefore, is to collect, code and enter data on policy responses of states into a machine-readable format. This in turn facilitates subsequent statistical analysis,” said Prof. Bann-Seng Tan, who has received a Ph.D. from the City University New York, Graduate Centre. 

He was previously assistant professor of international relations at Bogazici University. He has also taught at the College of William & Mary, Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY), and Hunter College, CUNY.

“The grant represents the confidence of APSA Centennial Center in the social science research done by faculty at Ashoka University,” he added. 

Prof. Bann-Seng Tan has previously authored “Aid and Democracy Promotion: Liberalization at the Margins.”

The Centennial Center’s mission is to advance the political science discipline through a broad range of programs supporting research, teaching, and public engagement. 

Ashoka University pushes frontiers of knowledge to achieve research excellence across multiple disciplines. The amalgamation of basic sciences with humanities and social sciences has created a vibrant environment which facilitates several unique interdisciplinary research opportunities for researchers at the university.

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