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Undergraduate Programme in Performing Arts

Ashoka University’s department of Performing Arts encourages the exploration of a multiplicity of arts. In this way, the department acts as a hub for a variety of activities. Apart from that the students are encouraged to find their artistic voices, to become theatre-makers and performers creating innovative, original and relevant work. 

The Performing Arts department offers undergraduate minor & concentration programmes in Performing Arts.  The focus is on developing performing abilities through the juxtaposition of the practical and the academic.  This implies a process of constant re-embodiment and re-contextualisation. Rather than training in a particular art form, the programme encourages a mode of performance which is not only uniquely individual, but which has a balance of theatrical, musical and dance-related elements.

  • Minor

    Students require 24 credits for a minor in Performing Arts.

    Required courses for a minor in Performing Arts:

    1. PA-1003 Developing Performance Skills
    2. PA-1009 Performing Arts Practices

    These two courses are usually offered during the Spring semester.

    The remaining 16 credits can be from any other course offered by the department. The 4 credits from Co-curricular courses (required for graduating) can also count towards the minor. Credits from up to two cross-listed courses can also count.

  • Interdisciplinary Major

    A prospective Performing Arts interdisciplinary major student needs to earn 116 credits by the end of 3 years. The department of Performing Arts currently offers 1 interdisciplinary major in Performing Arts. 

  • Concentration

    Students require 16 credits for a concentration in Performing Arts.

    There are no required courses for a concentration in Performing Arts. The 16 credits can be from any course offered by the department. The 4 credits from Co-curricular courses (required for graduating) can count towards a concentration. Credits from one cross-listed course can also count.

  • Prerequisites

    To ensure accessibility and to inculcate confidence in students and their approach towards engagement with the performing arts, a variety of courses offered by the department do not have any prerequisites.

    Some of the courses with prerequisites are:

    – PA-3007 Bharatanatyam: Expression and Technique (Monsoon 2020)

    Student must have at least an intermediate proficiency in bharatanatyam.

    – PA-2008 Bharatanatyam: Stage Repertoire (Spring 2021)

    Student must have basic proficiency in bharatanatyam.

    – PA-3010 Understanding Hindustani Music (Spring 2021)

    Student must have basic proficiency in any form of music.


Joining Undergraduate Programmes

Ashoka University’s department of Performing Arts offers detailed undergraduate programmes which cover the fields of theatre, music & dance.

Student Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless specifically mentioned as a prerequisite, a student does not require prior experience in the performing arts to enroll in most of the courses offered by the department.

No, credits from up to two co-curricular courses can count towards a minor / concentration in performing arts.

Yes! Students can take as many courses with the department as they like without focusing on a minor/ concentration in performing arts. The main objective of having performing arts as a minor department is to facilitate engagement with performance in a low pressure environment and have the theoretical and practical learning shape a student’s view and understanding of performance, contextually and holistically.

The department’s endeavour is to view, survey, analyze and construct projects which encompass all aspects of performance- music, theatre and movement. While you may not find a course that caters to a specific form or skill, you will find courses that will help keep you engaged with and use the skills that you already have, and simultaneously build them further with the aide of complementary skills and techniques.

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