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Siyahi | 2016


Expand art culture on campus through various events accessible to everyone, multi-modal art installations, and collaborations with other clubs and societies.

The Comic Relief | 2017


Provide comic relief to any and all Ashokans who want to unwind and have a stress free time after in the midst of intensive academics, heated discussions and charged debates.

Orators – Public Speaking Club | 2020


Aims to foster public speaking skills amongst the students of Ashoka and provide them a safe space to practice and learn through valuable feedback. Peer mentoring is a crucial aspect of the club. We aim to become better public speakers and grow as a community.

The Quizzing Society | 2016


Foster a culture of quizzing on campus.

The Anime Club | 2016


Bring together a community of Ashokans who enjoy and/or are curious about Japanese animation, known as ‘anime’. Foster a space to appreciate all kinds of anime and anime-inspired works created by famous names and independent creators alike: from feature films to television shows and specials.

Ashoka Investments Club | 2017


Comprises of finance enthusiasts who aim to foster fundamental skills in the domain of investment management and finance through company analysis, stock presentations, industry expert meetings and job mentoring.

Ashoka Women in Business and Leadership | 2022


To build a forum through which driven young women gain concrete skills and applicable advice and join a network of peers and professionals who can guide them throughout their careers. Through our initiatives, we plan on fostering meaningful mentorships for women and building a community of women leaders across industries and academic domains.

The Feminist Collective | 2018


Facilitate discussions on feminism and gender on campus, create a safe space for people to talk freely, share experiences, and foster a sense of solidarity. This is to be operationalised by holding creative events that generate awareness about sexism and the various intersectionalities of the Indian feminist movement.

The Northeast Collective | 2020


Aims to provide a space for members of the Ashoka community who are from the Northeast or have roots there. We organize events to promote appreciation of culture, history, and diversity of the region, and spread awareness about the socio-political realities of various parts of the Northeast.

Neev | 2014


A community engagement club run by students at Ashoka University. The emphasis on ‘engagement’ and not ‘service’ is a deliberate: any interaction with the community in which Ashoka is located is to be collaborative and is to strive for creating a space for engagement between Ashoka and its immediate surroundings.

Pawsitive | 2018


Actively engage with the animals living outside campus and work for their welfare. Strive to create a culture on campus where human beings are at the least comfortable around them and can experience the unconditional love every animal brings with him/her.

Annual Traditions

The Clubs get ample opportunity to showcase their talents through annual traditions created by the Office such as Jashn-e-Jazba (a platform for clubs to provide a sneak-peak into what they do); Annual Production Fortnight (a year-end mega event) where clubs bring to the fore their creative work that the year’s hard work and passion has culminated with; Clubs Fair, inter-university events and regular events. They are, therefore, expected to be very proactive on community programming so as to sustain their “active” status. 



Ashoka University’s COVID-19 warriors were the presenters at Merit Awards Ceremony

Recognising the outstanding contributions and initiatives by students is at the heart of our tradition at Ashoka University. Here’s a wrap up of the recently-held Merit Awards Ceremony at the campus


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