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The Green Room | 2022


Building and fostering a culture of dramatics at Ashoka.

Vistaar | 2015


Create an inclusive, collaborative and accessible community for music, regardless of one’s interests or skill levels. The objective is to foster growth – musical, professional and personal – for everyone involved in the process. Aim to consistently facilitate access to musical avenues, inspire creativity, and foster a sense of community, while being rooted in ideals of professionalism, meticulousness and a people-centric work environment.

Ruhi | 2017


Teach the support staff on campus English, so that they realise their full potential and aspire higher, while being an opportunity for the support staff to interact and form a deep bond with the student body, who they tirelessly take care off.

The Rotaract Club | 2015


Work towards serving the community and promoting stronger relations between people from all over the country and the world, while developing professional and leadership skills.

Annual Traditions

The Clubs get ample opportunity to showcase their talents through annual traditions created by the Office such as Jashn-e-Jazba (a platform for clubs to provide a sneak-peak into what they do); Annual Production Fortnight (a year-end mega event) where clubs bring to the fore their creative work that the year’s hard work and passion has culminated with; Clubs Fair, inter-university events and regular events. They are, therefore, expected to be very proactive on community programming so as to sustain their “active” status. 



Ashoka University’s COVID-19 warriors were the presenters at Merit Awards Ceremony

Recognising the outstanding contributions and initiatives by students is at the heart of our tradition at Ashoka University. Here’s a wrap up of the recently-held Merit Awards Ceremony at the campus


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