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Empowering Education: A Transformative Collaboration Between Young India Fellowship and Lodha Genius Programme

The partnership addresses challenges of inclusivity and social integration, leaving a lasting impact on science and math education with a focus on fostering a generation of students with a robust and practical understanding of these subjects

The alliance of the Young India Fellowship (YIF) programme with the Lodha Genius Programme (LGP) marks a significant stride in educational collaborations. The synergy between the YIF and LGP stems from a shared vision at Ashoka University—revolutionising education through empirical learning methodologies. The Experiential Learning Module (ELM) pivots this partnership. ELM is a part of the YIF curriculum that allows Fellows to get hands-on experience delivering robust solutions to real-world challenges. The problem proposed with this project was to assess/address the challenges of inclusivity and social integration of the marginalised students.

“Let’s go with the Lodha Genius Programme!!” the team exclaimed after rigorous discussion sessions and a lot of back and forth on which problem statement we should pitch for as part of our ELM Project. While every member had different preferences and objectives they sought to achieve through the ELM, education was one sector where we found common ground. After this consensus, choosing the Lodha Genius Programme became easy. That was due to its association with Ashoka University, admirable vision, and the proximity to which we could work alongside the programme team. The initial discussion with the team gave us more insights into their vision of the programme as a fully-funded residential learning experience that seeks to provide the best of what education in science and math has to offer.

In the brief period that we have worked together, we have been welcomed into the team and given resources through which we could intimately understand the workings of the programme. Thus, even though each team member came into this project with their own expectations, we were soon unified by our hands-on involvement with the LGP team.

The LGP team has appreciated our fresh perspectives while we continue to value LGP’s structured and focused approach to education. Our joint discussions and analysis of the workings of the programme in its pilot year exemplify our mutual appreciation for each other’s input. Keen to inculcate a sense of belonging amongst our students, the team hosted a day-long inclusivity workshop for us to learn how to welcome a diverse cohort of students from around the country in a better manner. Biraja, our instructor for the workshop, guided us to open our eyes and observe a broader range of diversity among us, one which we had overlooked until then. We also had a presentation and discussion on taking tangible steps to create an inclusive environment in many areas of life, including for potential and onboarding students of the LGP. As part of our first on-ground experience, two of our team members attended the Education World Awards, where they conversed with numerous principals and directors of secondary schools and spread the word about the programme. This endeavour generated curiosity and engagement, particularly its focus on activity-oriented methods of learning science and math. That was reflected in the number of sign-ups by different schools, showcasing their willingness to offer their students an opportunity for a world-class education beyond their school. That, in itself, is an achievement and an indicator that the programme is on the right track.

Working with the LGP team, we have learned the importance of adaptability in teaching and the power of integrating diverse educational philosophies to yield a comprehensive learning experience. Looking ahead, we see a lot of potential for deeper collaborations; we share goals and a vision — a commitment to elevating the standards of education and developing a challenging and rewarding curriculum for the students.

The collaboration between the YIF and LGP underscores the transformative power of partnerships in the educational arena. By combining our strengths, we have taken a step towards redefining the educational landscape. We hope to successfully harness YIF’s interdisciplinary approach to LGP’s focus on science and math to foster a generation of students equipped with a robust and practical understanding of these marvellous subjects.

(Written by ELM Team 16 (Aroosh Singh, Samyuktha S, Madhav Ramankant Tekriwal, Naman Dalmia, Vaibhav Sharma), Young India Fellows’ 24, Ashoka University)

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