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Experiential Learning Module

The Experiential Learning Module (ELM) is a core component of the YIF curriculum where the Fellows work in groups of five on real-world projects from diverse sectors in collaboration with organisations and institutions (Clients). The ELM compliments academic learning at the YIF by equipping Fellows with structured problem-solving techniques, while also training them in designing and implementing sustainable solutions.

The vision of the ELM is to help create mindful problem solvers who are prepared to venture out of their comfort zones and work collaboratively to add value to their domain knowledge in a pre-defined time frame.

ELM Stakeholders

ELM projects are sourced from organisations and institutions from diverse sectors, who are referred to as ‘Clients’. These may include for-profit/not-for-profit organisations, government institutions, established businesses, start-ups, policy-makers, think tanks, educational/research institutions, etc.

Clients share a project objective for an ELM team to work on, while engaging, guiding and supervising the team’s work. Two representatives from the Clients referred to as Project Head (PH) and Project Lead (PL) regularly guide and touch base with the ELM team as well as the YIF Internal Team.

Over the last ten years of the YIF, our projects have spanned diverse domains and sectors, including government and policy, entrepreneurship, social development, education, art and heritage, media and communications, research etc. Some of our past Clients include the Government of Delhi, QCI, National Institute of Urban Affairs, the UNFPA, Pratham, the University of Arizona, People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI), Renew Power, Nymble Labs, STIR Education, Carnegie India, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, Centre for Policy Research, Generation India Foundation, eGovernments Foundation, PadCare Foundation, STENUM Asia, among others.

For more details on the eligibility criteria to become an ELM Client – Click here!

YIF Internal Team
From the University’s end, the Fellows’ learning and progress in the ELM are overseen by an ELM supervising faculty member, and members of the YIF Programme team, who together form the ‘YIF Internal Team’. Mr. Srikant Sastri will be the ELM supervising faculty for the YIF class of 2023.

The Fellows receive training on problem solving, team-building, basics of research and data analytical skills from the ELM supervising faculty and relevant domain experts. Each team is given focused attention and their progress is enabled through periodic reviews, reports, and requisite meetings.

ELM Team
The ELM team consists of a diverse mix of five Young India Fellows, who work on a project offered by the Client. Fellows form their own teams based on their individual skills, interests, and project preferences, and pitch for the projects that they wish to work on.

Structure and Timelines


*Through the course of ELM, the Internal YIF team also conducts Workshops/Trainings and Office hours to support all ELM teams.

Some of these trainings include: Structured problem solving, Research methods, Data analysis, etc.

Additional Information

  • To know more about the impact that ELM projects have had in the past – Click here!
  • Detailed ELM Brochure for the upcoming YIF batch of 2022-23 – Click here!

Contact us

Email – yif.elm@ashoka.edu.in

Naina Lahoti

Deputy Manager, Experiential Learning and Development

Shruti Bajaj

Assistant Manager, Experiential Learning and Development

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