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Alumni-in-Residence Programme (AIR)

Over the past twelve years, YIF alumni have achieved remarkable feats and are well on their way to becoming top names in their respective domains of work and study. Starting this year, the Young India Fellowship will invite back alumni for a focused in-residence programme on the Ashoka University campus for in-depth interactions with current Fellows. AiR engagements will include masterclasses, office hours, fireside chats, adda sessions, among other things. The AiR seeks to take forward the vision of a close-knit community that connects under the larger umbrella of the vibrant and dynamic programme that is the YIF. 

Through the AIR, the YIF programme aims to:

  • Help Fellows be more informed about specific academic programmes /  industries and domains from the perspective of young working professionals, academicians and entrepreneurs who have excelled in their field
  • Foster a professional and academic connect between alumni and Fellows, with the aim of helping current Fellows build further on the success of alumni. Through these engagements Fellows will learn how to connect their time at the YIF to their larger goals
  • Build personal connections between current Fellows and alumni, to encourage a spirit of giving back and connecting with the institution, as well as keeping the network and spirit of the Fellowship alive across cohorts


Past and Current Alumni-in-Residence:


This list will be updated as and when invited alumni-in-residence visit campus.

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