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Application Overview and Requirements

The online YIF application form is designed to be a reflective process, and helps the selection committee understand your candidature holistically. While one may be able to complete the entire application in a few hours, we recommend spacing your time towards the application over a few days, such that you are able to reflect on your journey and are in a position to submit an application that you believe represents you well.

The online application form has the following sections, not all parts are mandatory:

  • Personal Information
  • Academic Information
  • Professional Information (as applicable)
  • Other Relevant Information (as applicable)
  • Non-Academic Engagement
  • Essay Questions
  • Survey
  • Support at Ashoka (as applicable)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional during application submission)

Please note: 

  • DOCUMENTS: Only a photograph and a government ID are mandatory during submission. However, all other documents including academic transcripts and relevant supporting documents for all professional and non-academic engagements are required for candidates who are shortlisted for the interview stage. 
  • RECOMMENDATION LETTER(S): Upto two Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) can be submitted on behalf of each applicant. Registering the Recommender(s) and submitting the LoR(s) are not mandatory at the time of application submission. Each round of application has a deadline by which the LoRs must be submitted. Please visit the timelines section below for further details. 

For any questions, please write to yifadmissions@ashoka.edu.in or sign up for any upcoming sessions with the Office of Admissions.

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Selection Process: Class of 2024

Selection Process Infographic


The YIF selection process is designed to admit a diverse and outstanding class of individuals from India and abroad. The entire process is rigorous and holistic, and involves context specific review. We acknowledge that there are varying levels of access and privilege for different candidates, and as such, each applicant’s submission is reviewed in the applicant’s context. The different stages of the application and selection process are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Holistic Application Assessment (Rolling)

This is an elimination stage. Our holistic review involves careful and thorough reading of each application. We take into account the personal context and journey, academic records/professional background, interests and aspirations. The essays section, a critical component of the application, allows the reviewers to understand how applicants think, reflect and engage with ideas and the world around them. We may request a few candidates for a telephonic conversation if we need any clarifications before making a shortlisting decision.

  • (Optional) Application for Need-based Financial Aid (Once in each Round)

Candidates may independently apply for need-based financial aid (upto 100%) if shortlisted for the Personal Interview. Candidates also get an opportunity to explore education loans. Please visit the fee, aid and scholarships section to learn more about the philosophy and process to apply for aid.

  • Stage 2: Personal Interview (Rolling)

YIF interviews are typically 25-40 minute conversations between the candidate and two panelists (faculty, leadership or alumni). Through this stage, we aim to get to know candidates in depth, and understand how they might benefit from the YIF and how their presence in the cohort might be beneficial to others. We expect candidates to bring forth the most authentic version of themselves. A few candidates may be invited for a second conversation.

  • Stage 3: Decisions (Once in each Round)

Applicants would typically receive one of the following decisions: offer of admission, waitlisted for admission or a denial of admission. In case of an offer of admission, candidates will also receive a decision on their Financial Aid package (if awarded). A few admitted candidates would also receive an invitation to interview for the Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship.

Selection Timeline: Class of 2024

The YIF admissions process is split into two rounds. Each round accepts applications within a specified time-frame and selects Fellows from the pool of submitted applications in that round. Please note that you can apply only once in the admissions cycle and only in one round. In case you miss the early round deadline, you can complete your application before the final round deadline.

About Rolling Assessments | We encourage candidates to apply early, even within a round. Application assessments and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, implying that applications will be assessed as and when they are received. Similarly, interviews will be conducted on priority for those who submit applications early and are shortlisted. The only part of the process that is not rolling is the decision stage, wherein all decisions for candidates in each round will be communicated together. 

          Early Round          Final Round
Application Deadline (Rolling Assessments) 25 December 2022 2 April 2023
Document Upload and Letter(s) of Recommendation Submission Deadline 10 January 2023 1o April 2023
Application for Need-based Financial Aid 6 to 13 January 2023 14 to 20 April 2023
Personal Interviews (Rolling) Mid-December 2022 (for submissions by 1 December 2022) and January 2023 Early-March (for submissions by 15 February), End-March (for submissions by 1 March) and April 2023
Committee Decisions (Offer of Admission and Financial Aid (if applicable), Waitlist or Denial) 16-18 February 2023 Mid-May 2023
Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship Interviews 28 February 2023 End-May 2023
Offer Acceptance Deadline 9 March 2023 Early-June 2023
Fee Payment Window (typically across three instalments, fee as and if applicable) Early-March to Mid-June 2023 Early-June to Early-August 2023


Other Important Dates: Class of 2024
Offers to Waitlisted Candidates: Latest by Early-July, 2023

Programme Dates:

  • 24th July, 2023 – Check-in on Campus
  • 26th July, 2023 – Orientation
  • 31st July, 2023 – First Day of Classes
  • 29th June, 2024 – Graduation Day


Please Note:

(1) The above dates are subject to change. Please visit this page regularly to stay updated. We typically notify applicants of any change via email as well.
(2) The financial aid form will open once in each round, for candidates who are shortlisted to the personal interview round. Please visit the Financial Aid section to prepare accordingly.

The Young India Fellowship is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. We do not discriminate between applicants on the basis of ability, religion, caste, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, interests, or points of view. We aspire to build and sustain a learning community in which all students feel that they belong.

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