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10 Things To Do Once You Are On Campus

Here is a go-to guide for the incoming batch as they start their journey at Ashoka University

As you set foot inside Ashoka University, you are entering into an entirely new phase of life. With this comes new experiences, new people, and new responsibilities. We know that college can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry! You are not alone. As you begin your journey at Ashoka, you gradually become part of its thriving student community- one in which you will always receive help. We are here to help you with anything—from study methods to figuring out how to not get lost on campus.

To navigate Ashoka’s sprawling grounds, we are laying out a tour of Ashoka’s campus, complete with activities to do once you are here! From the main gate to RH5, here are 10 things to do once you are on campus.

1. Early morning/late night cycle rides

Once you are at Ashoka, consider checking out the sports facility. Most of all, make the campus cycles your ride or die. Spend your free time chasing the blustery Sonipat winds on a cycle. Go cycling at unusual hours; early morning and late night rides are a must.

2. Make the most of the lawns at Ashoka

If you have never sat on the slopes of the cricket ground bathing in the moonlight in the wee hours of the morning while having a wholesome conversation with your best friend, can you even call yourself an Ashokan? When you are here, do not forget to have picnics on mess lawns and roll down the slopes of the grounds!

3. Click pictures at famous spots

One’s Ashokan journey is incomplete if one doesn’t have pictures in front of the voguish red brick walls at Ashoka. Aestheticize your Instagram feeds by posting pictures of yourself under the orange and lavender trees that you’re going to find on the mess lawns.

4. Get peri-peri fries with cheese from THC

The Hunger Cycle (THC) is one of the most famous fast-food outlets on campus. Since they are open till 4 AM a lot of people turn to THC for their midnight snack cravings. Their delectable peri-peri cheese fries are probably the most famous item on the menu and an absolute must for people to try.

5. Make friends with campus cats, all known as Toofan

The Ashoka campus has a variety of friendly animals. The dark grey cat with black markings usually spotted in the Dhaba area is known as Toofan. However, since Toofan is the most popular cat on campus and a lot of people do not know what it looks like, it often gets confusing which cat is actually Toofan.

6. Watch the sunrise from the sky-bridge

Located on the third floor of the Admin building, the sky bridge offers a magnificent view of the sunrise. Rather than waking up early, staying up till the morning with your friends to watch the sunrise from the sky bridge is a famous thing to do among Ashokans and rightly so because it is very enjoyable!

7. Go for a 3 AM Dhaba run

Dhaba runs are most popular after students get done with late-night submissions, especially during the finals season when you have tons of them. The Shuddh Desi Dhaba’s peak hours are between 1-3 AM as students can be seen revelling in the glory of Dhaba food after working hard on their assignments.

8. Screen a movie in RH2

After months of extensive research, we’ve concluded that the best place to watch a movie at Ashoka is in RH2- their sound system and screen quality are to die for! Grab a few snacks with your friends to watch a movie in RH2, it’s an experience you won’t forget!

9. Spend an afternoon in the library

If you ever need a quiet space on campus, then the library is the place for you! It’s perfect for finishing pending assignments and curling up with a good book. Bonus- you get extra credit for deciphering the message on the statue in front of the entrance! (No you don’t, but none of us have been able to figure it out and we want the answer).

10. Make the most out of your classroom experience/faculty at Ashoka

You have the opportunity to learn from some of the best faculty, with access to top-range facilities. Make the most of your classroom experience! Keep asking questions, and read beyond what has been assigned. You’ll feel all the more satisfied with yourself for it.

The most important thing that you must do when you’re on campus is to take a deep breath, surrender all of your inhibitions and embrace life as it comes. Once you do this, you’ll be sure to undertake a journey at Ashoka that, at the end of the day, you can call uniquely yours.

(Compiled by Juhi Negi, Uma Bakshi, and Zoya Sayeda)

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