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This annual event serves as a platform for clubs and societies to showcase their big productions and other creative initiatives.

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18 April, 2017 | 10 Mins read

April 2017: Student Life at Ashoka is all about pushing boundaries and taking learning beyond the classroom. In line with this vision, the Clubs and Societies at Ashoka University put up a grand and successful programme over two weeks as part of the Annual Production Fortnight (APF) from 3rd April to 17th April 2017.

The Annual Production Fortnight is one of the important programmes designed by the Office of Student Life. This annual event serves as a platform for clubs and societies to showcase their big productions and other creative initiatives that they have designed and created after a yearlong investment of time and hard work. The Undergraduate Ministry of Culture, Jazbaa – this year led by Sindhoora Ganesh – which works closely with the Office on Student Life programming at the University, played a pivotal role in stitching the Production Fortnight Programme together. 

APF 2017 saw participation from over ten clubs and societies with more that thirteen productions, performances and other presentations over the course of Fortnight. The “Vistaar Week”, hosted by Vistaar, the Music Society of Ashoka included a line of concerts and performances ranging from “The Informals”, “EDM Show” and a music concert – Vistaar surely made a mark, bringing cheer to all music lovers on campus. Siyahi, the Art Society put up innovative stalls and sales of their proceeds. Siyahi has done an impressive work in sustainability by creating proceeds through recycling. A beautifully decorated atrium with colours, paint and a hustle-and- bustle of the Ashoka community enlivened the atrium space! Kirdaar, the theatre society, performed “Ilhaam” as part of their Annual Production. Kirdaar has marked an impressive growth over the last academic year, with numerous performances representing Ashoka at various platforms and winning accolades. Quizzing Society, having recently brought the Tata Crucibles on campus, also hosted interesting quizzes on campus.

Abhinaya, the Dance Society, presented remarkable and show-stealing performances, attracting huge numbers in audience. Red Brick Words, the slam poetry club at Ashoka put up an impressive performance. Red Brick Words has also had a commendable growth graph over the year with bringing the Slam Poetry culture on campus and also representing the University at various platforms and winning accolades. Other highlights included a lively fundraising Carnival by the Rotaract Club, a presentation by the Hiking Club, and a story-telling evening by Meri Dastan, the story telling club.

The Fortnight also saw exclusive showcases by some of the very talented Fellows at the current Young India Fellowship batch. Poornaprajna Kulkarni, presented a Hindustani Classical instrumental performance on his very own instrument, the Poorna Veena. Divyansh Gupta, also a Fellow, presented a beautiful Kathak recital.

APF 2017 proved to bring together the immense talent that the Ashoka student community has. It was an action-packed Fortnight and left the entire campus buzzing with activity. Ranging from the Reddy’s Auditorium to the classrooms, and the atrium to the Dining areas, every corner of the campus was vibrant and bustling with creativity galore!

(The writer is Mohona Roy, who works in Office of Student Life.)

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