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Applications for Ph.D. Programmes at Ashoka University are open now

Ashoka University invites applications for Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Computer Science & Sociology and Anthropology

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7 November, 2020 | 5 min read

Ph.D. Programme in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Ashoka University offers full-time graduate program leading to Ph.D. degree in Chemical Sciences. Prospective students are encouraged to be integrated into the world class research and liberal learning culture of the Ashoka University by joining a research group, supervised by one of our academic staff, in one of the following broad areas of Chemical Sciences

1.Bioinorganic Chemistry

2.Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

3.Nanoscience and Photocatalysis

4.Sustainable and Green Chemistry

5.Physical and Material Chemistry

6.Separation Science and Technology

7.Small Molecule Activation

8.Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

9.Synthetic Biology (Biology and Chemistry Interface)

Deadline for submission of applications – 4th December2020

New Horizons in Computer Science: Ph.D. Programme

Ashoka University is a pioneer in providing world-class liberal education in India. It aims to train students to think critically from a multi-disciplinary perspective to solve real-world problems. The Computer Science Ph.D. programme at Ashoka puts emphasis on novel research themes that cut across several disciplines, and faculty members are actively engaged in research in these disciplines.  We invite applications for a fully funded Ph.D. program in Computer Science with a generous stipend. We are looking for candidates, who are highly motivated to do cutting-edge research and innovation. The key features of the Ph.D. program include a research focus on multi-disciplinary areas of computer science, well-established faculty advisors, excellent research facilities and a world-class residential campus. Students may also have opportunities for exchange visits to various prominent Universities as well as prominent industry research labs. Travel funding for quality international conferences will be provided. There could also be opportunities for supplementary industrial fellowships.  Focus areas for research include AI/ML and data science, mobile sensing and IoT, Urban informatics, political data science, cyber-security, cryptology, information security, blockchain, HCI and ICTD, computer architecture, operating systems and distributed systems. 

Deadline for application submission is 4th December, 2020 (11:59 pm IST)  

Ph.D. Programme in Sociology and Anthropology

The Department acknowledges the unique relationship between sociology and social anthropology as it has developed and flourished in India. We emphasise the critical empiricism, theoretical engagement and comparative approach central to our best disciplinary traditions. Our faculty is actively engaged in long-term fieldwork and ethnographic research in different parts of South Asia and the Himalayan region. Faculty strengths are wide-ranging and include the study of language, law, religion, violence, nature, agrarian change, the state, sovereignty, borderlands, infrastructures, markets, political economy, mobility, informality, popular culture and mental health. Our department encourages interdisciplinary explorations with allied fields of social thought and inquiry, including history, economics, political science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, environmental studies, computer science, planning and design, natural sciences, arts and aesthetics, law and media.  

Deadline for application submission is February 28, 2021

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka