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Ashoka Alumni Weekender 2024: A Celebration of Legacy and Community

Rekindling Connections, Showcasing Talent, and Shaping the Future

Office of PR & Communications

26 June, 2024 | 4m read

The Ashoka Alumni Weekender was a grand celebration, bringing together a vibrant mix of alumni for a three-day event filled with networking, talent showcases, nostalgic sessions, and much more. Held from June 14th to 16th, the weekender was a testament to the strong bonds within the Ashoka community and a reminder of the university’s enduring impact on its graduates.

The first day kicked off with a series of networking events, setting the tone for the weekend. Alumni had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, sharing stories and experiences from their time at Ashoka and beyond.

As the sun set, the Night of Talents began, featuring current Ashoka students showcasing their incredible talents. The evening included mesmerising performances that brought fresh perspectives to traditional qawwalis, offering new interpretations that resonated deeply with everyone present. The performances also included captivating dance routines, soulful songs, and beautiful piano music, showcasing the diverse talents of the student body.

The night continued with a play titled “Sfatik ka Mahel” (Crystal Palace). The play, a surrealist game show, followed four individuals competing for a chance to live their utopia in the Crystal Palace. The twist? They first had to navigate their dystopia. This thought-provoking performance captivated the audience, blending entertainment with deeper reflections on utopia and dystopia.

Day two began with “Back to School” sessions, led by Professors Bittu Kaveri Rajaraman and Anunaya Chaubey. These sessions were both informative and nostalgic, taking the alumni back to their classroom days and sparking lively discussions on various topics.

A fireside chat with leadership figures, including Pramath Raj Sinha (Chairperson, Board of Trustees), Prof. Somak Raychaudhury (Vice Chancellor), and Anu Singh (Director – Alumni and Parent Relations), followed. The discussion centered on the university’s ten-year journey, its vision for the future, and the crucial role alumni play in this evolving narrative.

The day also featured an exclusive screening of the first episode of “Sundarbans” from the visual series by the InHerit Project. Titled “Sundarbans: Lives, Livelihoods, and Landscapes,” the episode beautifully captured the natural heritage of the world’s largest delta and mangrove forests. The InHerit Project, a collaboration between Ashoka University, the Young India Fellowship, and The Helen Hamlyn Trust, aims to reconnect Indian youth with their heritage, focusing this season on natural and culinary heritage.

The evening concluded with a gala dinner, where alumni enjoyed delicious food, lively conversations, and a concert by Manleen Rekhi, a talented Punjabi musician and singer from the YIF 20 batch. The event also featured stalls by alumni and students, showcasing a variety of products and services, adding a vibrant market feel to the celebration.

The final day of the weekender began with an alumni showcase, where former students displayed their diverse talents. This was followed by the Alumni General Body Meeting, where alums, along with the council, discussed ongoing projects and future initiatives, ensuring that the Ashoka community continues to thrive and grow.

The Ashoka Alumni Weekender was a perfect blend of fun, food, and nostalgia. On-campus stays, late-night walks, and living the Ashoka dream once more brought a sense of homecoming to all attendees. The event not only strengthened the alumni network but also reinforced the shared values and aspirations that define the Ashoka community. Here’s to many more such weekends, celebrating the spirit of Ashoka University!

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