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Ashokans Join the Climate Change and Democracy Design Jam from the University of Toronto

6 Ashoka students participated in the design Jam. Between workshops, students were expected to work together in teams to expand and test their design ideas. The series took place over four weeks in March 2022

Ashoka University students participated in the virtual Design Jam organized by the University of Toronto in March 2022. 

The Design Jam brought together students from around the world through collaborative workshops for cross-cultural engagement and learning, rooted in design thinking. This series explored how citizens, activists, NGOs and governments respond to climate change issues in innovative and democratic ways.

Global Classroom for Democracy Innovation of the University of Toronto hosted the design jam. They had partnered with 350.org to frame design challenges around specific climate campaigns, offering pathways to collaborative design and action for student participants.

The series took place over four weeks in March 2022, and consisted of three facilitated workshops held on Saturdays in order to accommodate a variety of student schedules. Between workshops, students were expected to work together in teams to expand and test their design ideas.

6 Ashoka students who participated in the design Jam are Anugrah Singh (UG 23), Suchir Kalra (ASP-22), Sannidhya Aggarwal (UG 24), Abhivyakti Srivastava (UG 24), Adwityaa Jha (YIF) and Vedika Bagla (UG 24)

“The session stood out for the level of interaction it offered and the quality of discussions. Understanding to identify the problem was the main agenda for this session which we did working in groups that were guided by facilitators. Overall, it was a fun-filled learning experience!” Anugrah Singh UG23

“The climate change design jam has been a great platform to interact with changemakers and learners globally. Moreover, the energy and passion towards climate change and the environment shown by my peers and the organizers of the jam has been highly motivating. The jam has helped me to learn about the different global perspectives on the issue and also on the ways Climate change-related issues are being tackled internationally.– Suchir Kalra ASP 22

“I am so grateful that I was part of the Climate Change Design Jam. Our team, which was from all over the world, came up with an idea to create a digital platform which would bring together climate change activists and would enable them to share their story, also, NGOs would be able to fund projects and get funding for their projects. Due to Design Jam I was able to have healthy collaborative conversations with people who care about climate change as much as I do.” – Adwityaa Jha, YIF 2022

A MoU between Ashoka University and University of Toronto was signed in early 2022 to facilitate academic and scientific events and exchange of academic information in disciplines of mutual interest.

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