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AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate from the Eyes of a Learner

From student to published writer: How AshokaX's Writing Certificate helped Adhiraaj hone his craft

In the ever-evolving landscape of the written word, the ability to effectively convey thoughts, emotions, and messages holds significant importance. As a participant in AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate in 2023, the programme proved to be a transformative experience for me, providing invaluable insights and opening doors for aspiring writers.

A Diverse Exploration of Writing

AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate stands out for its versatility. Whether one’s passion lies in professional writing, creative endeavours, or niche interests such as travel writing and political commentary, the programme offers a comprehensive platform to explore and refine skills. The participants not only have the opportunity to delve into diverse writing genres but they can examine exemplary samples and understand the essence of compelling writing.

Mentorship that Nurtures Growth

The programme’s writing instructors and professors, Aditi Sriram and Devapriya Roy created an environment conducive to learning and growth through their guidance. The accessibility of course teaching assistants (TAs) also helps establish a collaborative atmosphere where participants can seek assistance and refine their craft.

Constructive Feedback Leading to Publication

One hallmark of AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate is its commitment to fostering improvement. The constructive feedback I received during the programme was a pivotal element that propelled me towards publication. I chose to craft a travel piece for my final assignment. With the support of instructors Aditi Sriram and Devapriya Roy, as well as the course teaching assistants (Tas), I was able to transform my final assignment into a publishable piece.

A Strong Recommendation for Aspiring Writers

Reflecting on my journey, I strongly recommend the AshokaX Professional Writing Certificate course to anyone eager to elevate their writing skills. Whether aspiring to become a professional writer or exploring creative and specialised writing, the programme’s versatility ensures a tailored experience for each participant.

AshokaX’s Professional Writing Certificate emerges as a supportive, versatile, and vital pathway for writers seeking to fulfill the potential of their craft. Through a rich blend of diverse writing opportunities, mentorship, and constructive feedback, participants find themselves well-equipped to take their writing to the next level. Overall, the programme stands as a beacon for those who yearn to write with precision and impact in the fast-evolving world of written expression.

(Written by Adhiraaj Anand, Learner, Writing for the 21st Century Professional AshokaX, Doctoral Researcher, German Institute for Global and Area Studies)

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