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Breakthrough Training Programme for Returning and Working Mothers

Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) completes first phase of the Breakthrough Training Programme for returning and working mothers.

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30 August, 2018 | 5 Mins read

August 2018: The Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership (GCWL) launched the Breakthrough Training Programme for returning and working mothers. The first phase of the training was held from 7th August to 9th August at Gurugram. The training will be conducted in three phases, from August to October 2018. The Training Programme is focused on Reskilling, Career Planning, Guilt Management, Negotiation Skills, Awareness and Information, and Management (time, home, and child). The Centre has organised this training for the second consecutive year, with the addition of a new cohort this year – returning mothers, women who dropped out of workforce due to maternity leaves and childcare and now aspire to return to work.

GCWL brought together subject experts to facilitate different components of the training. Facilitating organisations such as My Second Act, Growing Leadership of Women (GLOW), Santulan, Human capital Consultant, Shenomics, Arthan and Jobs for Her, offered their expertise in communication training for workplace effectiveness and skill development for career advancement.

Harpreet Kaur,Director, GCWL,says,Women do not forget how to work or do their jobs post maternity. Social structures in India are designed in a way that motherhood becomes a barrier to women’s workplace ambitions. Workplace attitudes, expectations of childcare, gender norms – all act together to prevent women from reintegrating into workplace. What they need is a little support and a few nudges to reach their potential and achieve their ambitions. These trainings are designed to provide the breakthrough they need.”

The training programme follows through from the research findings of GCWL’s study presented in the report, Predicament of Returning Mothers, in April 2018. The report was based on the qualitative study on lived experiences of maternity and career among women and their return to the workforce across the corporate, media, and development sectors.

The Centre firmly believes that maternity is a pause in women’s career and should not be a full stop. The Centre envisions to create platforms that would gradually address the re-entry barriers for returning mothers to the workforce across sectors, and eventually strengthen the pipeline to leadership.

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka