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College Readiness Program for High School Students with Disabilities

In November 2023, OLS successfully hosted the 5th edition of its flagship College Readiness Program, tailored for high school students with disabilities, parents, institutions, and professionals dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities.

Spanning three days, from November 24 to 26, 2023, this virtual learning series aimed to empower students with disabilities, providing them with crucial information to make informed decisions about higher education, fostering their aspirations, and ensuring their rightful inclusion in the higher education system.

Each day revolved around a specific theme, encompassing multiple strands within each theme. The program featured experts, students, and parents with experience in disability, accessibility, advocacy, and related topics. This edition further strengthened the community, now consisting of over 950 individuals from various parts of the country, representing a diverse range of disabilities impacted by the program.

All three days were filled with engaging and interactive sessions. Under the title “Guiding Your Future: Informed Choices for Higher Education and Career”, Day 1 focused on effective exam preparation, selecting the right college pathways, and exploring diverse career possibilities. The day commenced with a keynote address by Gopinath Ramakrishnan, Co-founder, and Managing Trustee of SCAN, followed by a session by Dr Biswajeet Saha, Director of CBSE. Additional sessions provided insights into the application process, college support systems, the significance of disability inclusion in higher education, and the benefits of early career planning.

Day 2 centred around the theme “Keys to College Success: Beyond Academic Abilities.” It featured a panel discussion with students with disabilities sharing their experiences and navigating challenges. The emphasis shifted to self-advocacy and the role of support systems in higher education, concluding with a panel discussion involving parents who guided their children through the system. The theme aimed to encourage introspection and the development of skills crucial for thriving in college.

The final day highlighted the benefits of assistive technology in bridging the gap to disability inclusion and access. Two sessions specifically addressed the support available at Ashoka during and after the admission process, outlining facilities and processes.

The three-day program concluded as a resounding success, a testament to the dedication of every speaker and participant. The program serves as a safe space for sharing knowledge, learnings, and resources related to college readiness for learners with disabilities.

(Written on behalf of the Office of Learning Support by Kriti Khanduri)

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