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Physics Graduate Lab

This laboratory course is designed primarily for physics graduate students, but fourth
year undergraduate students can also take it. The chief objectives of the course are

a) to teach how to come up with an experimental set-up to verify/test/measure physical hypothesis/quantity,

b) to teach how to integrate multiple devices and perform experiment (computer interfacing of multiple equipment),

c) to train in handling and preparing samples/cells and

d) to inculcate in students the minimum working skills in a research lab.

Students are expected to go through relevant papers/ reference books (provided by the
instructor) before starting the laboratory work. No formal lab manuals is available for this
course; students are expected to work in this course with a minimum support. Continuous
assessment is used to evaluate the student’s progress in course.

Prerequisites: Students should have some prior experience working in a physics laboratory
(should have taken some experimental physics courses)
The proposed experiments for the monsoon 2023 semester are:

  1. Dynamic light scattering experiment to measure the size of a scattering particle
  2. Rotational viscosity measurement in a liquid crystal by optical method
  3. Two-dimensional viscous gravity current flowing on a rigid horizontal plane

Study at Ashoka

Study at Ashoka