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On Being a Tree ft. Vivekananda

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Vivekananda is a connoisseur of spirals, sentiments and the sublime; believes they are a tree and is constantly on the lookout for explosive experiences. This session will witness them taking us through their body of multimedia work in a storytelling format that explores themes of desire, memory, conflict and the idea of home.


About the Artist: As a Queer individual, raised in the Western Ghats and born into an Avarna community in coastal Karnataka, the politics of Vivekananda's work is rooted and branches out from the geography and sociology of their native land. Through visual artworks, immersive performances and curatorial projects, their works explore the themes of desire, conflict, memories and the idea of home.

About the Series

Baithak has been conceptualized and envisioned to create a non-stage forum centred around arts that will engage, listen and speak with the audience.
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