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Cellular and developmental origins of human neurodevelopmental disorders.

Biology Colloquium | Prof. Raghu Padinjat | Tue Dec 20th, 2022

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Neurodevelopmental disorders are a heterogeneous group of human diseases associated with varying levels of altered brain development and function that manifest in children and young adults. While numerous etiologies have been identified for this condition, the altered processes of brain development that lead to these clinical manifestations remain poorly understood. Understanding these mechanisms will be essential to develop better clinical strategies to manage these conditions. During this talk, he will discuss recent work on Lowe syndrome, a rare monogenic neurodevelopmental disorder in humans. Using modern stem cell technologies, we uncover the altered neuronal physiology during brain development and some of the underlying cellular and developmental changes in the brain. The findings have important implications for developing new approaches for the clinical management of human neurodevelopmental disorders.

About Speaker:

Prof. Raghu Padinjat graduated with a MBBS from  St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore in 1992 . He then obtained his PhD  from National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore in 1997 . He is currently Dean of research at   National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore  . He has previously worked at several renowned universities & research centers including  Babraham Institute, Cambridge, U.K  , and  University of Cambridge, U.K  . He is the recipient of numerous awards. His pioneering work  has led to close to several peer-reviewed publications in top journals and book chapters.

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