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Diet, Disease and Evolution.

Biology Colloquium | Dr. Sudipta Tung | Feb 2nd, 2024 (Friday)

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"Food is essential to life and failure to regulate food intake, at least over the long term, does not favour a large posterity.” J. E. R. Staddon (1983). 

Current experiments in our lab focus on unraveling the complex influence of diet on the performance of organisms, using Drosophila melanogaster as a model. Our approach involves utilizing diverse diets with varying protein-to-carbohydrate ratios, maintaining constant caloric content. Our research encompasses investigating both short-term plasticity and long-term adaptations in response to dietary manipulation, examining aspects from life-history traits and disease susceptibility to organ function, cellular senescence, and gene expression, thereby covering a broad spectrum of biological organization. During this talk, I will discuss findings of some of these projects and potential future directions.

About the Speaker:

Sudipta is a Faculty Fellow and DBT Wellcome Trust Early Career Fellow of Biology at Ashoka University. His lab is broadly interested in questions pertaining to ecology, evolutionary biology and disease biology. He teaches Evolutionary Genetics, Computational/Mathematical Biology, and Python for Research in Life sciences.

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