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Dissecting the role of ADGRG6 N-glycosylation in tissue development and cancer.

Graduate Student Seminar Series | Anandhu J | October 16, 2023

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ADGRG6 or GPR126 is an adhesion G-protein coupled receptor (aGPCR) known to play important roles in the embryonic development of the heart, nervous system and inner ear. It is very well known that the functions of many proteins are determined by post-translational modifications. Glycosylation of proteins is an important phenomenon which can modulate protein activity, stability and folding. ADGRG6 has many N-glycosylation sites in its N-terminal fragment (NTF). Preliminary data from our lab shows that N-glycosylation of ADGRG6 NTF regulates cleavage at furin and GPCR proteolytic site (GPS), cellular localization, surface expression and G-protein signalling. Based on these observations, I hypothesize that ADGRG6 glycosylation can be implicated in angiogenesis and tumour cell invasion in cancer.

About the Speaker:

Anandhu is currently pursuing his PhD under the guidance of Dr. Kasturi Pal in the Department of Biology at Ashoka University. His research interest lies in understanding the involvement of GPCRs in cancer. Before joining Ashoka, he completed his Masters in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology from Bharathiar University (Coimbatore).


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