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Healing Earth Conference 3.0

Conversations Around Climate Change, Health, and Sustainability for the Future of India and the World

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Theme Day 1: Environmental futures when climate change looms

While climate change has serious consequences for ecosystems and human well-being, climate mitigation measures may not always align with environmental conservation or social justice. Here, we discuss India’s climate mitigation policies, and focus in on land-use based climate mitigation measures to understand how these policies interact with other sustainable development goals. The vast research experience of the speakers in India informs the final panel discussion and tries to envision a way forward for climate mitigation.

Theme Day 2: Climate Change communication: What moves?

Through the lens of a variety of communication practitioners engaged in the discourse around climate change, Day 2 of the conference brings to light several shifts, small and big, in this debate. What is working and how can different silos of communicators engage their audiences?

From a policymaker who conceived and worked to pass the world’s first Future Generations Act in Wales, to a science editor at a national Indian daily observing changes in the news and newsrooms. From an official ex-guardian of forest commons in the Himalaya speaking up for science for the people, to university teachers and notable multimedia practitioners making connections between science, images, data and media headlines.

The sessions will substantively elucidate these shifts in the climate change conversation with ideas, tools and ways to consider bridging new and old gaps.

Registration links:

Day1 : https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_6VgGBbQ7QV-bet2DYIV8Bg

Day 2: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hSjMuFhCQHWVf-fyqfqCXA

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