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Nano Porous Solids for Energy and Environmental Applications

Chemistry Colloquium | Dr. Shyamapada Nandi | December 6, 2022

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Title:  Nano Porous Solids (Metal Organic Frameworks, Covalent Organic Frameworks/Polymers) for Energy and Environmental Applications


In the 21st century, the two major problems we are facing are the environmental pollution (air/water) and the energy crisis. Due to large increase in population worldwide, we are bound to increase the industrial activities. As a result, the depletion of conventional energy sources and emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere have increased in the recent times. We all know that CO2 is the major heat trapping gas responsible for global warming which has a diverse effect in the climate worldwide.1 According to recent report, from NASA the mid-tropospheric CO2 level has already reached the alarming level. So, there is an immediate need of controlling the CO2 level in the atmosphere.2 Also, as the source of fossil fuel are getting limited, we are going for the nuclear power plant to meet our energy demand. But at the same time, we are generating lot of nuclear waste which needs to be handled with extreme care. To address these problems, we have to develop such systems which can selectively i) capture and separate the toxic gas molecules such as CO2, SOx, NOx etc from the industrial effluent, ii) separate the radioactive molecules such as Kr from the mixture of nuclear waste. Many scientists around the world are currently working on developing different porous solids for physisorptive separation of these gas molecules. In this talk I will be discussing about the development of different kind of nano porous solids and how we can utilize these solids for different separation application3 so that we can make our planet green again.

Another way to solve the pollution and the energy crisis issue is the alternate green energy devices. A lot of research is being conducted along these lines such as developing PEM fuel cell, lithium-ion battery, supercapacitor, water splitting devices to produce hydrogen and many more. In one part of this talk, I am going to show how the functionalized nano porous solids can be utilized as solid electrolyte for the PEM fuel cell, as anode material for lithium-ion battery and water splitting catalysts to produce hydrogen and oxygen.4

Speaker's Bio:

Dr Shyamapada Nandi has completed his PhD from IISER Pune in 2018. During his PhD. He is broadly interested in developing different porous material (MOFs, COFs, POPs) for gas separation, water purification, catalysis and electrocatalysis. Earlier in 2012 he has completed his MSc in chemistry from IIT Guwahati. After completing his PhD, he has worked in the University of Ottawa as a visiting researcher. From 2018-2019 he has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at ICGM, The University of Montpellier. From 2019-2021 he was working as a CNRS Research Engineer at IMAP, Paris in a European project ‘MOF4AIR’. Currently he is working as a postdoctoral researcher at IMAP in collaboration with TOTAL ENERGY. He authored > 40 articles in international peer reviewed journals and 4 patents (3 US and 1EU). 

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