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Protease activated receptors: from signaling molecules to small molecules

Biology Colloquium | Dr. Kasturi Pal | Mar 30th, 2023

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G-protein-coupled-receptors (GPCRs) are the largest family of membrane proteins, which regulate a myriad physiological roles like vision, olfaction, neuroendocrine control, etc. A large number of GPCRs happen to be important therapeutic targets. In our lab we are particularly interested in understanding the basic molecular pharmacology of GPCRs using cell-based assays and biochemical approaches. These findings will help design efficacious drugs with fewer side effects. 

About the speaker: 

Kasturi is an assistant professor of Biology with a background in cell and molecular biology. Her major research is largely focused on the role of GPCR signaling pathways in regulating cell differentiation and tissue development.

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