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Scientifically Speaking Season 4 Session 3: Microscopic Warfare and Human Health: Let the microbes fight our battle

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Can you imagine someone sprinkling Gangajal on a person’s wound, and it magically gets cured? How scientific would it be? Buzzz: is it even possible in the first place? Well, that’s what Basudeb will discuss in the third session of Scientifically Speaking Season 4. 

Every living species, including humans, are vulnerable to opportunistic predators (an organism that lives by preying on other organisms). While we are in a much safer place to protect ourselves from macroscopic predators such as lions, snakes, sharks, etc., microscopic predators such as viruses, bacteria, etc., have always been a great challenge, mainly because of their scale and evolutionary dynamics. One good thing about some of these microbes, their lives are not trouble-free either. Often, microbes are engaged in microscopic warfare with other microbes. Basudeb will discuss how we can harbor some of these microbial weapons to improve human health. He will also discuss the prospect of using some of these microbes themselves in the biocontrol of diseases.


Basudeb Maji

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biology
Ashoka University

Sep 9, 2022 06:00 PM IST

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