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The mathematics of 2d lozenge tilings.

Mathematics Colloquium | Trishen Gunaratnam | Feb 15th, 2024

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In this talk I will give a gentle introduction to the mathematics of lozenge tilings (closely related to domino tilings). My main goal is to discuss Thurston's theorem concerning when a domain is tileable or not. However, along the way we shall see that this is just the start of a beautiful story. The study of limit shapes of random Lozenge tilings led to ideas that played a pivotal role in some of the major breakthroughs in probability theory in the 2000s. I hope to give a glimpse into this rich and fascinating area.

About the Speaker: 

He is a mathematician working in probability theory. He is interested in the critical phenomena of percolation and spin models. 

He has been a postdoc at the Université de Genève advised by Hugo Duminil-Copin and Antti Knowles since Fall 2020.

From 2018-2020 he did his PhD in stochastic partial differential equations, where he was part of the group at Imperial College London. His advisers were Hendrik Weber (then University of Bath, now at the University of Munster) and Ajay Chandra (Imperial College London).


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