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Faculty Research, Award & Fellowship: 2018-19

With a special focus on interdisciplinary research, Ashoka University supports faculty members, visiting scholars and students to pursue rigorous and collaborative research. This has enabled faculty members to publish papers, author books, attend conferences and represent Ashoka at various forums. Many of the professors are also recipients of prestigious grants, fellowships and awards. The academic year 2018-19 was a very rewarding year for the University, which is further a testimonial to the outstanding research culture at Ashoka.


During the academic year of 2018-19, our faculty members have authored over 9 books and published more than 100 research articles. 


The Department of History has published extraordinary works with Nayanjyot Lahiri publishing a book titled ‘Time Pieces. A Whistle-Stop Tour of Ancient India’ (Hachette India 2018) and Mahesh Rangarajan publishing his book ‘At Nature’s Edge: The Global Present and Long-Term History’ (Oxford University Press, 2018). From the English Department, Prof. Saikat Majumdar has authored the book ‘The Scent of God’ (Simon and Schuster, 2019).  


Srinath Raghavan, Dept. of International Relations, has authored two books on the issues of security and military: ‘The Security Dilemma and India–China Relations’ (Asian Security, 2018) and ‘Military technological innovation in India: A tale of three projects’ (India Review, 2018). Pallavi Raghavan, from the same department, has also published a book on India-Pakistan titled ‘A Resolvable Enmity: India’s and Pakistan’s Early Years’ (Hurst, 2019). 


Janice Patriat (Creative Writing) has published ‘The Nine-Chambered Heart’ (Harper Collins, 2018), while Malvika Maheshwari (Political Science) has authored ‘Art Attacks: violence and offence taking in India’ (Oxford University Press, 2019). Moreover, several faculty members, such as Kathryn Hardy (Sociology & Anthropology) and Nayan Chanda (International Relations), have published various book chapters.


Faculty members at Ashoka University have been publishing outstanding research articles and essays. During the previous academic year, Dany Weltman from Philosophy Department published the article “Helping Buchanan on Helping the Rebels.” in Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy. Professor Upinder Singh from History Department published two exceptional articles in Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Asian History and Bulletin of the Department of Museums, Chennai. 

Srinath Raghavan from the Department of International Relations published two articles viz. “The Security Dilemma and India-China Relations” and “Building the Sinews of Power” in the journals Asian Security and Journal of Strategic Studies respectively. Professor Nayan Chanda from the same department has written 5 editorials in Times of India and 3 book reviews. 


Faculty members from the Department of Biology have published more than 6 research articles in prestigious journals like Cell Reports (Shubhasis Haldar), Journal of Structural Biology, and PubMed (Alok Bhattacharya). Kaveri Rajaraman (Biology) published the research work on neurobiology which was an Invited article for a special issue on Multimodal Mating Signals: Evolution, Genetics and Physiological Background.

Professor Rajendra Bhatia from the Department of Mathematics has published in the Journal of Lenier Algebra and its Applications. Professor Sudheendra Hangal from the Department of Computer Science has published interdisciplinary work in Journal of Behavioral Research Methods. Sumit Kumar Pandey’s article on cryptography has been published in  Des. Codes Cryptography. Debayan Gupta has published his work on digital security. 

Aniket Aga’s (Environmental Studies) work on an interdisciplinary approach to solving global food crisis has featured in Frontiers. He is working on two more monographs funded by Yale University Press. Mitul Baruah from Environmental Studies Department published a book chapter on Rivers and Estuaries in The Routledge International Handbook of Island Studies: A World of Islands, edited by Godfrey Baldacchino. 

Sraman Mukherjee from the Department of Visual Arts published his work on “Relics in Transition: Material Mediations in Changing Worlds.” in the Journal Ars Orientalis. 

Madhavilatha Maganti who heads the Department of Psychology has published her work on Language Development in the early years of life in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. Maya Mirchandani from Media Studies published two occasional papers in ORF Online.  

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

  • CSIR – Bhatnagar Fellowship was conferred on Professor Rajendra Bhatia, HOD – Department of Mathematics in 2019.
  • Anup Padmanabhan from the Department of Biology has received DBT – Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship in 2019. 
  • Anirban Mondal from the Department of Computer Science has received DST Indo-Canada funded Project on Urban Heat Island.
  • Manu Awasthi,Computer Science Department has received  Google Cloud Platform Research Credits for research project titled “Novel Computer Architecture for Genomics Data Pipelines“ in Dec 2018.
  • Mekhala Krishnamurthy from the Department of Sociology/Anthropology has received the grant from the Gates Foundation to Center for the Advanced Study of India, UPenn.
  • Madhavilatha Maganti from the Department of Psychology has received the grant from DST as a part of Cognitive Science Research Initiative in 2018. 
  • Meghna Agarwala from Environmental Studies received two grants from Azim Premji University for the projects on ‘Crop Burning Patterns and Urban Pollution’ and one Grant from WWF for the project on ‘Human-Elephant Conflict’ during 2018-19.
  • Divya Karnad from Environmental Studies has won the prestigious ‘Future for Nature Award 2019’.
  • Professor Vaiju Naravane from Media Studies has won Research and Travel Grant of  from the EHESS – School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris. Also, she broadcast  on BBC World Service Radio and TV5 Monde, and Arte Television. 
  • Shubhasis Haldar from the Department of Biology has established first covalent magnetic tweezers in India and awarded Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship by Department of Science & Technology during 2018 and Phadke Award by Indian Biophysical Society for outstanding contribution to Indian biophysics under 35 years of age during 2019. 
  • Sraman Mukherjee has received Insight Grant from in collaboration with Dr. David Geary, University of British Columbia by Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada in 2019. 
  • Sudheendra Hangal from Computer Science won Digital Preservation Awards 2018 for ePADD.
  • Neha Dixit won ACJ Award for Investigative Journalism -2018. 
  • Durba Chattaraj from Sociology/Anthropology has been awarded Andrew Mellon Foundation Grant for a Governing Intimacies project in collaboration with the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
  • Aparna Vaidik, Associate Professor of History, has been awarded the Andrew Mellon Foundation Grant for her project from Governing Intimacies Project under the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Raja Rosenhagen, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, has received a grant (together with Prof. Dr. Niko Strobach, from the Philosophy Department at the University of Muenster) from the Center for Philosophy of Science at University of Muenster for conducting a summer workshop in Muenster this summer.
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