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#GraduateStories – Kindness Goes A Long Way

Pranathi Jammula is a part of the undergraduate class of 2022. She majored in Economics and Finance along with a concentration in History

The first time I came to Ashoka University, I was overwhelmed by its sheer immensity ~ both in terms of space and people. There was nobody else from my city in our batch and I wondered if it would be difficult for me to adjust to the new environment. I was proven wrong instantly as the university welcomed me with open arms.

The more I explored Ashoka University’s vastness, the smaller it grew and the more approachable the people became. It was the first time I was so far away from home and the freedom of having my own room, the ability to roam the campus at whatever time I wanted and do whatever I wanted while being responsible for my actions made me feel like a true adult and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The memories of rainy days on campus, late night walks and food runs, curling up inside my blanket with snacks and a movie, are still fresh in my mind as though they happened yesterday.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, I was on campus as I wasn’t able to go back home to Kurnool. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because during this time, I underwent some serious self-reflection and growth that was almost cathartic. During my first year on campus, I had faced a lot of self-doubt which stemmed from me limiting myself. I decided to not let it set me back anymore and started taking academically challenging courses, going out of my way to approach people and be friends and signing up for various events.

Slowly but steadily, I started prospering academically and found some wonderful friends. This gave me a massive confidence boost and made me realise that I am on my own journey and I need not compare that with others. I even started learning a lot through my interactions with different people.

The only advice I have for upcoming batches would be to explore every inch of campus. You do not know where you might just find the spot that becomes your haven for the coming three years. Try to be more inclusive in everything ~ be it academics, your friend circle, or extracurricular activities.

This way you can grow with the people around you. A major takeaway I have had is that being kind goes a long way. I have known so many people who are always willing to help others out and I aspire to be like them and help people with whatever knowledge I have.

My time at Ashoka University has been really special to me. It has been a space that has helped me flourish, a sanctum away from chaos, an anvil that has shaped me. It has been home.

(Extracted from a conversation with Juhi Negi)

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