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#GraduateStories – Like a Box of Chocolates

Satvik Agarwal is a member of the graduating batch of 2022. He majored in Economics and Finance with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Throughout my time at Ashoka University, I constantly felt like I was in Forrest Gump. I kept ending up at the right place, at the right time, which helped me make the best use of my time here at the campus right from the very beginning.  

My first day on campus as a freshman was nothing out of the ordinary. The entire day went in completing formalities (like going to the dreaded IT department to get the WiFi password) and engaging in conversations with people on campus. Getting acquainted with my roommate was a challenge at first, considering how we were opposites of each other. It’s funny thinking about that now that we are best friends.

I think the sense of community you feel once you are at college is unique to Ashoka University, especially in the clubs and societies. The Ashoka Investments Club took me in when I had zero knowledge of finance and investments, and moulded me into a “finbro” (according to some of my friends) over the three years. On a more serious note, I learnt a lot in AIC- lessons that continue to help me to this day.

My experiences at Ashoka University were shaped by the people around me, and the memories we have of our time on campus. One such instance that captured my Ashokan experience was when I rolled down the hills near the dhaba on my roommate’s birthday. This is something of an Ashokan tradition ~ almost everyone at Ashoka has done this in their first year. So, my journey at Ashoka University came full-circle when I did this in my last semester.

This was followed by lying down on the grass under the night sky with my friends and drinking soda from the dhaba. I think that has been one of my most “Ashokan experiences,” and it’s one I will never forget.

From the start, being at Ashoka University was like a roller-coaster. I learnt so much from my time here, and every challenge I faced pushed me to work harder and become a better person. If there’s any advice I could offer the incoming batch, it would be to put yourself out there! After all, life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re going to get.

(Extracted from a conversation with Uma Bakshi)

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