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#MyAshokaStory: Journey of Belonging and Growth at Ashoka University

“Every day at Ashoka brings new experiences and opportunities to connect with wonderful people"

When I was searching for universities, Ashoka caught my eye for one main reason – its incredible financial aid program. Knowing that Ashoka offered support to all its students made me feel like I could belong there. So, I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies at Ashoka, majoring in Chemistry. I was part of the very first batch in the Chemistry program, which was an exciting journey in itself.

My time in class at Ashoka was truly memorable. The faculty had a unique approach to teaching, and the labs were top-notch. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ashoka found a way to ensure we didn’t miss out on the practical experience. I remember one instance where our faculty recorded lab sessions and shared them with us virtually. It was a brilliant solution that allowed us to continue learning even when we couldn’t be on campus.

One of the highlights of my time at Ashoka was being an RA and RA mentor. It provided me with an amazing platform to interact with different people and develop professional skills. Ashoka became like a second home to me, offering endless opportunities for personal growth and expanding my horizons. Additionally, immersing myself in performing arts courses enriched my experience, fostering creativity and self-expression in ways I never imagined possible.

After graduating, I ventured into the corporate world and worked as a Product Management Associate. But when I heard about a job opening at Ashoka, I knew I had to apply. Returning to Ashoka and taking on the role of Resident Assistant Coordinator felt like coming back to something I truly missed.

Working in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has been an eye-opening experience. It’s allowed me to engage with students in a whole new way, now as part of the office. Witnessing their day-to-day challenges and collaborating with a dedicated team has been incredibly rewarding. It’s a different experience from being a student or a paraprofessional; now, I feel like an integral part of the office.

Every day at Ashoka brings new experiences and opportunities to connect with wonderful people. Working with the AURA team and being surrounded by motivated individuals continues to inspire me. I’m grateful for the chance to give back to the Ashoka community in this capacity and contribute to its vibrant spirit of learning and growth.

That’s my journey from student to staff at Ashoka University. It’s been an incredible ride.

(Kavita is an Ashoka Alum from UG 2022 Batch)

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