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#Graduate Stories – Taking Things One Day At A Time

Nishtha Dani is a member of the graduating batch of 2022, who majored in History with a concentration in International Relations

If my time at Ashoka University was a TV show, it would probably be Schitt’s Creek. Everything that happens in college often feels extreme, with extremely small things seeming like great leaps and vice versa after a while.

Even my first day on campus followed this pattern. I vividly remember it. It was so much running around, saying hi to way too many people and asking generic questions. I was mostly flabbergasted being in this new environment, but at the same time I was also really happy and energetic. My favourite part was talking to seniors. Everyone I spoke to was very warm and enthusiastic, and this surprised me the most.

Clubs and societies are the greatest representation of the feeling of community at Ashoka University. The Ashoka History Society had the greatest impact on me. From literally the 2nd week of my first year, till now I have never found a warmer, welcoming and exciting community than History Society. I found friends for life, inspiring and loving seniors, inspiration, and motivation all combined in one.

Yet, there are some hurdles you have to overcome alone. Time management is so hard to do at Ashoka University and honestly, you have to give yourself time to get a hang of things and keep your overflowing schedule under control. I sort of overcome this every semester by planning my to-do list and keeping the bare minimum on it. Personally, planning is half the work done, and I always try to take things one day at a time.

That’s essentially college ~ taking things one day at a time. If I could give juniors some advice before graduating, it would be to not overthink. College is tough, but so are you! Ashoka University is going to bring lots of surprises every day, so try your best and do not ever be shy to ask for help.

My college experience was so different from a regular one because of the pandemic but the spirit embodied by the Schitt family of hanging on to the different people in their lives and making the most out of the small moments is how I would encapsulate my experience at Ashoka University.

(Edited excerpts from a conversation with Uma Bakshi)

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