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The Centre for Writing and Communication is actively involved with the subject of writing, communication, and writing pedagogy across genres, disciplines, and curricula

The Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC), Ashoka University, is a one-of-its-kind space in the Indian higher education landscape that addresses the entire gamut of academic writing and communication. It works closely with the academic community at Ashoka to develop critical thinking, writing, and communication skills.

Within the university, the CWC corroborates with all the diverse sections that make up the Ashoka community: the entire student body (from undergraduate students to research scholars), faculty, staff, and other specialised centres. This is made possible by the combined expertise of the CWC team which is a vibrant group of scholars, professionals, writers, and researchers who actively contribute to the interdisciplinary and pedagogic engagements at Ashoka.

The CWC has not only emerged as an intellectually stimulating space within Ashoka but has also expanded its presence beyond the boundaries of the university through events and collaborations with other institutes of higher education and research.

Today, the Centre is actively involved with the subject of writing, communication, and writing pedagogy across genres, disciplines, and curricula. It assists a vast number of students, research scholars, and faculty within and outside Ashoka, and helps them refine their writing practice.

One-on-one sessions are the primary component of CWC’s rubric of interaction with the student community at Ashoka. In these writing-focused sessions, CWC writing tutors help students with their academic writing, offering assistance ranging from ideating, creative expression, mind mapping, and language training.

In addition to the CWC’s plagiarism and citation practices workshops, which are held at the beginning of each academic year, the Centre also conducts the Academic Bridge Programme, to equip incoming students with the language and communication skills required for their academic endeavors at the university.

To book an appointment with the CWC, students of Ashoka University can access the MYWCO portal using their institutional email ID. Appointments are for forty-five minutes and must start either at the hour or half past it. Each tutor is limited to four appointments a day, but you can make an appointment up to five days in advance. Students may also book group appointments in case of a common problem that needs redressal. We accept walk-in appointments, but preference is given to those who’ve already booked their slots.

Over the years, the CWC has garnered a reputation in its own right as providing an exceptionally nuanced environment that is not only congenial to developing the art of writing and communication, ranging from the sciences to the humanities, but also as a major soundboard for pedagogic practices, including language education and training, within Indian academia.

You can stay connected with CWC’s activities throughout the year on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also write to us at cwc@ashoka.edu.in or visit us in person on the third floor of the Main Administrative Block.

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