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Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Greetings from Ashoka University. I bring you the good news that exactly two years since campus had to be closed because of the pandemic all our students are back and we have transitioned to in-person classes in classrooms. March is also the time of the festival of colours, Holi, that ushers in Spring. The riot of colours on that day as students, faculty and staff celebrated this festive occasion signaled hope for a return to the vibrancy of a pre-COVID Ashoka campus.

In this edition I want to highlight the work done by two of our Centres at Ashoka. The first, CEDA, is already well-established and recognized. The second, ACT, is a newly established Translation Centre. Their vision and energy are indicative of the diverse areas of interest at Ashoka. Ashoka University has been mindful of Sustainability in its full spectrum. This newsletter gives a glimpse of that commitment. We are hopeful that our efforts will encourage others.

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