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Aadya Vatsa

YIF Class of 2023

BSc (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics), Christ University
Ex-Transformational Change Analyst, Shell

Aadya considers herself to be in the midst of this world, trying to find the true meaning and essence of life, love, knowledge and the purpose of self. She wants people (including herself) to be the best version of themselves to lead a productive, pioneering and content life. Her affinity for numbers led her to major in Math, Computers and Statistics. She was introduced to behavioural science concepts in the world of Information Technology at Shell. She is always happy to discuss topics closer to her heart, such as emotional and financial independence, tech, health, existentialism or perhaps some psychological thriller that completely blew her mind. When not trying to answer the endless questions in her head, you can find her reading, laughing, dreaming of puppies, and doing CrossFit or yoga. As a firm believer in “action speaks louder than words”, Aadya comes to YIF with a vision to come closer to her ambitions whilst getting to know herself better.

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