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Anushka Gaur

YIF Class of 2023

BA Honours (Political Science), Gargi College
MA (Political Science), Indraprastha College for Women

Anushka is a creative, sensitive and curious soul with a strong sense of justice and high hopes for humanity. This hopeful ambition is expressed through her poetry. Her first poem as a child was an ideal vision of the world titled ‘My World’. However, as she grew, she understood that she needed to build up her own world first to make a real impact. This led to her pursuing Political Science. She was greatly influenced by the works of different political thinkers, from classical to modern. She was not only a scholar student but also actively engaged in co-curricular activities. She believes in the ideas of Post Modernism and especially the concept of Deconstruction and sees life as a series of learning and unlearning. She feels that YIF will give her that platform where she can be herself and fulfill her potential. She hopes YIF opens pathways for her long-term vision to become a social entrepreneur.

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