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Arushi Bahl

YIF Class of 2023

BA Honours (Economics), Hansraj College
Ex-Analyst, MXV Consulting

Arushi has numerous and often conflicting passions. She can mostly be found fretting about how much she has taken on her plate and how 24 hours fall short of all she wishes to accomplish. She is a professionally trained Bharatanatyam dancer whose social calendar is dictated by when her next dance rehearsal is. She believes in having a positive work ethic. Her strength lies primarily in being relentless in trying to achieve perfection. When she is not stressing about all the wrongs in the world’s order, she can be found ranting about her love-hate relationship with economics or raving about Big Chill’s pasta. She doesn’t just view her education as a means to her career but also to learn about the world and transform it.

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