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Bhavika Daga

YIF Class of 2023

BBA (Finance), NMIMS
Ex-Business Development Manager, CVD Diamonds; Founder, Prologued

While in college, Bhavika founded ‘Prologued’, a company aimed at promoting reading habits among the youth. Combining the two passions of her life- business and social work, she aims to become a social entrepreneur, working to uplift the underprivileged. Creative, an avid investor and weirdly confident bathroom singer, Bhavika lives life with utmost spontaneity. If her life had a logo, it would be a goofy picture of Calvin from the comic series Calvin and Hobbes. Finding pleasures in the small joys of life, she aims to use her life to spread happiness to as many people and animals as possible. She intends to use the umpteen resources provided to her at the fellowship and learn how she can create social impact.

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