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Dharani Dhavamani

YIF Class of 2023

BA Honours (English), Christ University
MA (Comparative Literature), University of Edinburgh

Having enjoyed studying science till grade 12, Dharani chose to pursue literature as she felt it was closer to life. Her key areas of research include ecocriticism, Indian literature and post-colonialism. Though she prefers that her hobbies be reading, travelling and working out, in her spare time, she can be seen watching films & series, writing, and organising spaces & events. Hailing from India’s heritage city, Mysuru, she is fond of unearthing South Indian narratives/practices to preserve the knowledge. She hopes to work in environmental conservation, education and building eco-sensitive communities. She wishes to pursue a PhD in Literature – she hopes that YIF’s network, Mentorship Program, ELM and theoretical exposure will help her hone her doctoral proposal and materialise the plan.

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