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Divyesh Rajendra Patil

YIF Class of 2023

BA (Political Science), Ferguson College

Rooted in a humble background and a generous nature, Divyesh dwells on the optimization of his resources and his relations simultaneously – the type who knows how to squeeze lemonades out of limited lemons in life. An aspiring civil servant, he’s stirred by his motto of “know yourself, your society and system”. He is as eager to discuss the intersecting matrix of economy, polity and society in the plot of Main Hoon Naa- after all, Shah Rukh is his all-time favourite. Your go-to guy for debates on humanity and jibes well disguised, find him with a non-fiction book and low-key Indies blessing his earphones. An excellent friend to all his near and dear ones, he wants to have a public life as big and enriching as possible. He believes that the YIF uniquely puts together an excellent programme, fantastic faculty, innovative people and nurturing environment to make this experience phenomenal.

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