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Hifza Haq

YIF Class of 2023

BA LLB (Criminal Law), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab
Ex-Intern, Nestlé and Ex-Legal Intern, Supreme Court of India

Hifza finds comfort with a strong chai on her couch. She is in a quest to pursue her dreams, the dream of satisfaction from the work that she would do. After all her internship experiences, she saw her soul satisfied by working for exploited sections of society. She relishes the romantic side of hers that she is endowed with, the beauty of reading shayaris and quotes, as they give a human an insightful philosophy. She often considers them as “couplets to cure mankind”. She has been a great admirer of Korean music. She considers herself blessed to believe that the world can be better. With the zeal to make this world a better place, she intends to do all she can. Through the YIF, her goal is to change the world by actively engaging.

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