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Karan Bhola

Director, Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University

Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellow, Harvard University
YIF Class of 2014

Karan Bhola is a higher education institution building professional, with experience across admissions, program management, outreach, communications, curriculum development and alumni relations.

Karan is presently the Director of the Young India Fellowship (YIF) at Ashoka University. He previously led YIF outreach and admissions, while supporting outreach for Ashoka’s graduate and doctoral programs. He was the founding President of the Ashoka University Alumni Association. Through 9.9 Education, he worked on a project to establish India’s first university for the transportation sector and projects in online and blended learning. He worked with Deutsche Bank before moving to the field of higher education.

Karan is an alumnus of Harvard University (where he pursued a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration as a Fulbright Scholar), Ashoka University (where he was a Young India Fellow), and Loyola College (where he received an undergraduate degree in Economics).

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