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Kuhoo Tiwari

YIF Class of 2023

BA (Psychology), Jai Hind College, Mumbai
Ex-Associate, CEO's Office, One Future Collective

Best described as someone who is perpetually curious, Kuhoo is someone who believes that the Socratic method was designed specifically for her benefit. One of the things she is most proud of is how much she loves and cares for the world, and how much she is willing to take responsibility for it. She is an intersectional feminist, activist, researcher and facilitator. Her interests are diverse and plentiful, and she is definitely down to discuss the words of Plath, the place you can find the best pizza in the city, and the latest Grand Prix — all in one conversation. Her favorite pastimes include making weirdly specific playlists, listening to podcasts about obscure historical events, and making meaningful conversations with people. I’m excited to be at the YIF because of the diversity that I know this program has to offer. My hope is that I walk away from this year with immense learnings, thoughtful reflections, tough questions, and a brilliant community.

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