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Mahima Pahuja

YIF Class of 2023

BSc (Economics, Mathematics, Statistics), Christ University
MSc (International Political Economy), Nanyang Technological University

Mahima is a kind-hearted empath who does not shy away from her sensitive side and uses it to her advantage to connect with people. She believes everybody deserves to be respected for their life experiences. Wanting to understand how the world runs, she studied international political economy for her postgraduate studies and spent two years working in the corporate services industry. She strives to understand the multiple facets of our collective existence. Born in a family of Partition survivors, she has the utmost respect for the will to thrive and overcome challenges. She is an avid reader and dreams of using the power of the written word to honour the history of her family and community. While she is still on the hunt for her life’s purpose, she hopes that the YIF, through its plethora of courses, perspectives, and learning opportunities, will put her on the right track on this critical quest.

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