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Manali Mishra

YIF Class of 2023

BTech (Electrical Engineering), Delhi Technological University
Ex-Analyst, Quality Council of India

Manali is a studious, hardworking and cheerful person who wants to participate in something reformative. She is a pet parent and spends a lot of time with her dog. She is a tea drinker and loves Delhi’s street food, train rides, rain and travelling. She wants to work in the public service and administrative domain despite being an engineer. She wants to advocate for issues associated with women, children, and animals and work towards causes like mental and emotional strength and mental wellbeing. She meditates and plays badminton in her free time or listens to music. Her academic interests lie in Indian Polity, Economy, Geo-Politics, International relations and  Philosophy. She heard about YIF from a friend who said the program is one of a kind. She seeks personal and mental growth, a widened perspective about issues worldwide, academic enrichment and career opportunities.

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