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Pragya Agarwal

YIF Class of 2023

BCom (Honours), Jesus and Mary College

If Pragya had to define herself using one quote, it would invariably be, “Jack of all trades, master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Pragya as a person likes having a range of options available whether it be for a breakfast buffet or her career and she believes YIF provides her exactly that. For her, the covid years came as a stern realisation of her privilege and the lack of it for so many others. Thus, she wishes to pursue a career that contributes in making the world more equitable and altruistic. Further, you can often find her having conversations over chai which cover everything from International Relations to Harry Potter. If not, then she may be snuggled in her bed reading a book or watching Netflix. She is looking forward to YIF and hopes to discover new things about herself and the world at large. At the YIF, she aspires to learn and unlearn a lot more about the world and herself. She am particularly excited to explore courses that she hasn’t studied till now.

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