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Raunaq Saraswat

YIF Class of 2023

BTech (Chemical Engineering)
Indian Institute Of Technology, Delhi

Raunaq recently completed his undergraduate degree from IIT Delhi. He was mainly drawn to the Literature courses offered by the Humanities Department. He hopes to spend his life reading stories and telling some about culture, books, and cinema. As a matter of fact, he finds skies, Shah Rukh Khan, and stories equally enticing. Even as he intends to tell stories, Raunaq poses a crucial question: what medium or form of storytelling should he delve in, and why? YIF, from whatever he’s known and heard of in the past couple of years, is the most conducive of spaces to identify the answer or reach closer to one. He is enthused by the breadth of this program, the possibilities it has and can open up to the entrants, and the diverse atmosphere it places a Fellow in, in the process of better knowing themselves and the world around them. More than anything else, he wants to be a part of this process.

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