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Sakshi Batavia

YIF Class of 2023

BA (English Literature), Mithibai College
MA (English and American Literature), University of Kent, Paris

Sakshi hails from Nasik, the ‘’wine capital of India’’. She can always be found with a book in her bag for ‘emergency purposes.’ Her path to YIF hasn’t been straightforward. After a Master’s in Literature and another in Gender studies, she had brief stints working at an auction house and a publishing house. She is keen to expand her horizon and learn more about policy, especially concerning education and gender rights. She hopes her time at YIF will help her forge a path that leads to a more community impact-driven role. YIF attracted her because of the diversity of its cohort. Rarely does anyone get the opportunity to interact with people from across the spectrum. She hopes to get a more grounded perspective through this fellowship. This will help her navigate and find a more earnest purpose in life, which is first and foremost community driven.

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