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Varun Gandhi

YIF Class of 2023

BCom Honours (Marketing), St. Xavier's College, Kolkata

Varun was brought up in a family rich in sport. Being an energetic kid, he played everything in High School, but eventually, cricket became his passion. Playing cricket professionally for almost 8 years shaped him into the person he is today. A fondness for trekking and anything synonymous with adventure is something he is always on the lookout for. Training, cooking, and swimming are his ways of reflecting and channelizing energy. An introvert, you can always find him going the extra mile and having your back whenever things get tough. Varun wishes to make sport all-inclusive. He hopes to make it possible for the younger generation to pursue both sports and academics. A dive into subjects and courses like never before, along with conversations that inspire, are what brings him to YIF. He would want to strike a balance between academia and professional sport and discover what the world has in store for him off the cricket field.

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